Hello world!

Hi, my name is Jordi Pellat. I’m a software engineer and I’ve been working with iOS platform the last 4 years of my career. Actually I’m working at Tuenti, a mobile operator creating the Telco 2.0.

Nowadays we create very complex and extensive apps, our code bases has hundreds or even thousands of classes, but I lack of blogs speaking on how to coexist with this fact. I open this blog to share my ideas with other developers and learn the weaknesses and improvements others can provide.

How can we improve our systems? With good architectures, testing techniques and good local software design. Sometimes we take the blame to the iOS framework because it leads us to a bad design or to have parts of our system untested. I will show the techniques I learn through books, colleagues and experience  to face this problem.

Let’s be the owners of our code and not the opposite!

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