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Testing part I: Testing View Controllers

How many times in your career have you heard the phrase: “If it works, don’t change it”. That’s like saying I’m afraid of my code and fear is not a good way to drive your development. You are likely to change your code … Continue reading

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Demo Project

To illustrate the posts I’ve created an iOS project on a Github repository where I implement examples. Of course you have to consider it a demo. Some of the techniques explained in this blog are oriented to big projects that need to have … Continue reading

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How to separate view controllers from their view logic

Have you ever gone into a view controller and had the same sensation as you have when you enter a room after a huge party? It happened to me more than once. The last I saw was more than 1.600 lines long. How can … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hi, my name is Jordi Pellat. I’m a software engineer and I’ve been working with iOS platform the last 4 years of my career. Actually I’m working at Tuenti, a mobile operator creating the Telco 2.0. Nowadays we create very … Continue reading

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